London Chinese painting class ( every Friday evening 6:30pm - 9:00pm)
Chinese painting class London
Start: Fri 19th December 2014 at 18:30
End: Fri 9th February 2018 at 21:00

Course description
Our Chinese Painting Classes are held every Friday evening. Each class typically begins with a demonstration of a particular technique and subject matter (such as swallows, bamboo, wild orchids, plum blossoms, pandas, horses, and peonies).  Our students will then produce at least one painting of that subject by the end of that class.

If you are a newcomer, during your first class our teacher will explain and demonstrate all the basics that you will need to get started.  This will include an explanation of the different materials and a demonstration of how you should hold the brush and how to produce the different basic strokes.  You will be given the opportunity to practice before producing your first painting.  A course of at least four to six classes is recommended for beginners before they start self-practicing.

For our regular and more advanced students, we encourage them to provide us with feedback so that we can structure future classes to improve both their skills and understanding of the culture and philosophies behind Chinese paintings.  For example, a few of our students have started learning Chinese calligraphy and seal carving.

Our Chinese painting  class is dedicated to those who would like to learn traditional and contemporary Chinese painting techniques. The classes are informal and are suitable for students at all levels (including professional artists who would like to try a new technique).  Consistent with the philosophies behind Chinese paintings, our aim is to make the classes fun and sociable so that you can unwind after your busy week and enjoy your weekend.

Other classes and workshops
Throughout the year, we have special classes with themes that are dedicated to celebrate special days in the Chinese calendar.  In 2013, to celebrate Chinese New Year, our students produced hand painted red fortune envelopes and, for the Mid-Autumn Festival, they painted lanterns.

You will need to provide your own drawing or painting materials for the classes. If you are unsure about what materials you need, you can take a look at our online shop for suggestions. Alternatively, you can contact us or purchase the materials at the studio.

For more information
From time to time, we have one-day weekend workshops for those who are unable to attend our weekly evening classes or who wish to develop their skills further.  If you would like to learn more about our up and coming workshops, please email us at

You will need to provide your own drawing or painting materials for the lessons.
If you are unsure about what materials you need, you can take a look at our online shop for suggestions. Alternatively you can contact us, or purchase the materials at the studio.

Flexible booking
We don’t have any specific start day. Our courses are flexible, once you sign up for a course with us, you can choose any day you prefer that is scheduled for that class level.

Teaching variety of techniques
Our art classes are designed for anyone who wants to develop and improve their drawing and painting skills. We cover techniques such as portraiture, landscape drawing, oil painting and acrylic painting.

Teachers have  strong art background
All of our tutors have graduated from world leading art collages such as China Academy of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art, Chelsea College of Art and have over 6 years of experience, they have strong academic background and our teachers exhibit their work internationally and in the UK, and have appeared in various publications and programs, including those of the BBC.

Individually tailored advice
We are the only studio in London that the teachers will demonstrate step by step painting and drawing techniques. This allows the students to improve fast.

Small group
We limit the size of our classes, and each class only holds 8 to 10 students. This allows our teachers to work closely with each student and provide guidance individually. Each student will be focusing on subjects that are suitable for their skill level and interest.

You can learn variety of the mediums
We teach a variety of the mediums, such as oil painting, watercolour, Acrylic, Charcoal, etc.

Shared sessions
When you sign up for a block of courses, these can be shared with family and friends. You can also use it to book other courses, including life drawing classes and the special workshop.

We hold special workshops that allows out students to have the opportunity to draw and paint outdoors under the professional guidance from our teacher.

Regular studio events
We often organise parties and other events regularly in the studio. We hold pot lucks, wine taster party, and holiday celebrations. All of our registered students are invited to these events free of charge.

Students’ work will be exhibited in the galleries or our
We also arrange annual exhibitions in London central galleries for our students. During these exhibitions, we will have have an opening night inviting friends, quests, media, and private collectors. We will alsopromote our students’ work at our online gallery.

Artistic studio in a central London location
Our studio is located centrally and conveniently right next to Aldgate East station. We have created a relaxing environment for our students. We have relaxing music, excellent natural light in the studio while surrounded by plants and other students’ and the teachers’ inspiring art works. In this environment, it allows ideas and creativity to flow, and for the students to express themselves.


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