Working Women, Technology and Social Change. Beyond the have-it-all myth.
Are working women shaping a new society? What does the future hold in store. We look at the global trends, and to the future. Join us for an evening of expert talk and debate.
Start: Wed 25th September 2013 at 18:30
End: Wed 25th September 2013 at 20:30

Why are our working lives becoming harder not easier? How does that affect our career and family decisions? What is happening to gender roles in society: domesticated dads, working mums, career girls? From high-flyers to supporting acts, female and male roles are now changing radically and gender camps are fragmenting. What does the future look like, and what can we learn from the global trends?

Will the computing industry catch up with the social change already happening in law, medicine, business and other sectors, and why are tech sector employers and entrepreneurs not leading the way? Are the voices of successful women like Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg, whose net worth are in nine or ten figures, relevant to the majority of working women?

Join us for what will be a fascinating evening of lively expert talk and debate. This event is open to everyone. Networking and drinks from 6pm. Event will start just after 6.30pm. Four great speakers, and Q&A/debate session.

Professor Alison Wolf CBE, Director of Public Services Policy and Management, King's College

Professor Alison Wolf has featured on BBC Women’s Hour. From her research and recent book, “The XX Factor, How Working Women are Creating a New Society”, Prof. Wolf will explain the economic trends behind the unprecedented fragmentation of working roles and attitudes. Can she help us understand why the computing industry is so heavily under-represented by women? How was it that Dame Stephanie Shirley was able to build an huge software services firm, staffed by working mothers in the 1960s, and could something similar happen today? Did the gamification of computing in the 1980s give the signal to girls that computing is for boys?

Jaya Deshmukh, Head of Cognizant Interactive

And we’ll hear from Jaya Deshmukh who as a working mother pursues a successful international career as Head of the digital creative agency within tech giant Cognizant. Jaya’s worked with the world’s superbrands on customer experience and digital engagement strategy, competing with creative agencies like Publicis and Ogilvy. What has it cost her? How does she make time for her children with such a demanding career?

Heledd Kendrick, Founder and CEO Recruit For Spouses

Joining them will be Heledd Kendrick, founder of Recruit for Spouses, a social enterprise with a purpose to bridge military and business communities: changing the way military spouses live and work, enabling an increasingly important and rewarding second income. A mother of two, herself, she has travelled the world working with Olympic-class eventers and was PA to a racehorse trainer. Heledd now works around the clock forging client relationships and is the public face of Recruit For Spouses.

Anne-Marie Imafidon, Founder of Stemettes

Only 17 percent of the UK Technology workforce is female; 2 out of 3 female science grads don’t work in STEM. Anne-Marie set up the Stemettes to address the issues of under-representation of women in STEM careers. She recently featured in The Observer. Stemettes organise events that bring girls and young women into contact with successful female role models in Construction, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and anything remotely Sciency.


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