Sun Moon and Stars at Tone's, talking astrology
For anybody who feels like meeting like minded people in a coffee shop and talk astrology.
Start: Sun 26th February 2017 at 16:00
End: Sun 26th February 2017 at 17:00

Let's meetup to talk astrology at Tone's, in Willesden Green. 

Tone's  is a newly opened Coffee Shop with a Hip Hop vibe. We'll bring in the Astro Vibes. It will be quiet in the afternoon, we won't have difficulties to hear one another :-) 

 Everyone is welcome, from people who simply know what their star sign is and like talking about it, to more knowledgeable keen to meet new people and banter with peers. 

Start with THE question: "What's your star sign?" and take it from there...

I love astrology. Talking about its symbols always offer opportunities to have the most meaningful conversations ever. 

The event is free and I am not going to pitch my own stuff (unless you ask me to tell you about it in the middle of a conversation) 

My own stuff is called Astro Stories. I combine astrology and creative writing to provide artistic interpretations... You can check my website here 

OK, if Sunday afternoon in Willesden Green is good for you, see you at Tone's! 


Below: David Bowie

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