First Hires, First Fires: building a solid and diverse team of early employees
How to hire your first employees, manage work relationships stay in control of the economics of building a team and set the cornerstone for a diverse company culture.
Start: Thu 11th February 2016 at 09:00
End: Thu 11th February 2016 at 12:00

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9:00 - 9:30 Registration & Breakfast


9:30 - 10:10 Fireside Chat: Finding the right fit

How to attract diverse talent, hiring the right fit by skills and culture, when is it time to let some employees go as the company grows and how to deal with firing.

Speaker: Roberta Lucca, Co-founder / Non-exec Director BossaStudios, WonderLuk // Lynne Murray, co-founder Holition, Director Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion // Matt Buckland - Head of Talent at Lyst


10:15 - 10:40 The economics of building a team

Option pool 101, how much should you spend, granting equity to employees, dilution, compensation.

Speaker: David Norris, Partner at Forward Partners


10:45 -11:15 Coffee Break


11:15 - 12:00 Panel: Tips & Best practices on building your initial teams

Best practices, common mistakes, developing leadership, equity for early employees, managing working relationships.

Speakers: Maria Hvorostovsky, founder HVO Search // Malcom West, co-founder Find'm




David Norris - Partner at Forward Partners, (early stage venture capital firm)

 David has over 20 years experience in digital business strategy and planning, product management, HR and operations. Previously Website and Ecommerce Operations Director at Expedia, he went on to serve as Chief Operating Officer to some extremely high growth venture backed ecommerce businesses including Bookatable and HouseTrip.

Twitter: @norrisnode



Maria Hvorostovsky - HVO Search

 Maria, is the founder of HVO Search, a specialist executive search and talent advisory firm working at the intersection of retail, digital and technology.

With a degree in Psychology and an 11-year career in executive search, Maria is a networker and career coach at heart. She is passionate about promoting women at work and is above all a connector of people. She organises various industry events including breakfasts as well as large evening events such Digital Storytelling Forum. She is also a Business Start Up Mentor at Virgin Start Up. Her clients are international and are established as well as startup or growth companies.

Twitter: @MHvorostovsky



Malcom West - Find'm

Malcom worked on various start-ups based in Bath before moving to London to work in technology recruitment. Last year he co-founded find’m along with his business partner David Courreau, with the aim of disrupting the recruitment market through producing targeted videos to help start-ups across London develop their ‘’employers brand’’.

Twitter: @findmco



Roberta Lucca - Bossa Studios, WonderLuk

Roberta is a Serial Entrepreneur and Advisor with a passion to drive change through building tech-creative businesses and products with high-growth potential. 
Over the past years, she founded the BAFTA-winner games company Bossa Studios and the ‘3D printing for non-geeks’ platform WonderLuk. 
With a strong team of 40 people based in London, Roberta was key to grow Bossa from zero to millions of users globally, by launching over 10 successful and award-winning games, while cultivating a unique company culture that rewards autonomy, experimentation and collaboration.

Twitter: @olicca



Lynne Murray - co-founder Holition, Director Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion

Lynne Murray is an award winning and dynamic creative entrepreneur with a pioneering approach to harnessing new technologies for the creative and retail sectors. As part of her role as Co-Founder of Holition, her experience includes successfully bringing to market Augmented Reality experiences, the worlds biggest Holographic fashion performance, and multiple in-store interactive digital applications for the worlds leading brands, most recently launching Face by Holition.  Lynne has recently formed the Digital Anthropology Institute at London College of Fashion, and is currently working to establish an ambitious new research facility to explore emerging horizons of Digital Anthropology.


Matt Buckland - Head of Talent at Lyst
Matt has over 13 years experience in recruitment and selection for a variety of businesses and industries across the world.  Whilst currently leading the Talent team at Lyst, he has also led teams at Bloomberg, ThoughtWorks, Getco, Criteo and Facebook.  He was recently named as one of LinkedIn UK's Power Profiles and is the onscreen expert in an upcoming BBC 2 TV show about the application of new thinking in recruitment to traditional businesses. 
Twitter: @elsatanico


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