Conservation Hackathon
Help us address some of the greatest conservation and ecology challenges with your cutting-edge skills and passion for technology at this 24 hour hackathon.
Start: Fri 4th April 2014 at 18:00
End: Sat 5th April 2014 at 18:00

Conservation Hackathon

4th April 2014, Rain Making Loft, London, E1W 1UN


Look deep into nature and then you will understand the world better
Albert Einstein

The Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research (CBER), University College London and the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London are starting a Conservation Hackathon series. These events aim to bring together conservation researchers with the hackathon community with to create innovative ways to tackle some of most pressing challenges in conservation and ecology.

We will be looking, for example, for new ways to visualise global biodiversity, extract biodiversity data from social media and construct live biodiversity monitoring indices. Have a look at a list of initial projects and vote for ideas here

The first Conservation Hackathon will be held at the Rainmaking Loft ( in St Katharine’s Docks on the 4th April 2014 for 24hrs from 6pm to 6pm.

We will present a small number of problems at the event and at the end of 24hrs, the results/products will be presented, judged, and prizes given! We aim for all results to be open-source and will be collated and publically presented on a Conservation Hackathon site. 

Bring yourself, a laptop and bags of imagination and enthusiasm!

Food and drink will be provided (pizza, breakfast, a sandwich lunch and ongoing snacks). Please email the host if you have any dietary requirements.

Please bring a laptop.

We ask that you register only if you are able to participate for the full 24 hours.  If you are interested in coming to the event but cannot commit for the full period please contact the host.

Just to warn you, there are no showers!



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